Sports, Fitness and Health


Our gym is among the best in the country and we offer a wide range of cardio machines i.e.  treadmills, cross trainers, recumbent bikes upright bikes, rowing machine and summit trainers. Adequate cable machines, plate loaded machines, abundance of free weight including dumbbells and kettle bells   are available to facilitate different type of weight training regiments.

The gym is opened from 4.00am-9.00pm and our instructors are always available and willing to assist you with health history evaluation, flexibility assessment, muscular endurance assessment, muscular strength assessment and cardio fit test. The instructors will also assist you to set short, mid and long goals and monitor your goals in a structured way.  

Purple Gym

Aerobics Studio

One of the Club’s principal assets is aerobics. Aerobics classes involve a lot of body movement and are designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system and provide an all round body workout. Aerobics classes at the Club have continued to attract good participation from both sexes.

With well-trained instructors, the Club offers step aerobics, low impact aerobics, circuit aerobics, marathon classes, Tae-bo and High intensity aerobics. We offer   normal aerobics classes, challenge classes, Rhumba, Zumba, songa dance, pilaties, spin classes, yoga, high explosive training, power yoga and circuit training.


Parklands Sports Club Football Team composed of both junior and senior members of Parkland Sports Club. The team prides itself in having participated in organized Kenya Football Federation league and also enjoyed a good run in the then Moi Golden cup tournament currently referred as GOTV Shield Tournament. The team is vast in history which can be traced back in the past years with the number of trophies displayed in the Clubs trophy cabinet. Parklands Sports Club Football team has churned out good players notable among them former Kenyan International Llyod Wahome who currently turns out for Football Kenya Federation (fkf) champions Tusker fc, among others.

The team practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 1730hrs to 1900hrs at Parklands Sports Club ground. The training program is flexible so as to accommodate both the employed/working team members and those who’re coming from far distance to have time to sign off work and still catch up with the team for training.

Currently, the team is participating in Mentors Soccer League (MSL) which is a cooperate league and we’re second in the table log (with two games in hand) having played four games and won all convincingly. The team gets invites from different tournament organizers within and outside Nairobi county.

Kids Football

Rugby Development

Elite Performance Sports (EPS) was founded to provide an opportunity for those seeking to learn rugby or improve on their playing skills. EPS also provides sports coaching services and is also a sports tour facilitator in addition to event organisation and management. Our member’s ages range from 6 to 17 years with the majority falling in the 13-16 years age group, drawn from various schools around Nairobi. Senior players over 18 years join us after completing school to polish up on their rugby playing skills before moving on to club rugby.

Since taking up Parklands Sports Club as their base in 2013 has seen EPS grow in stature and recognition. More than 100 players of all ages have passed through the rugby academy programme. EPS has hosted under 16 year tournaments in the 10’s, 7’s, and 15’s version of the game. It has also taken players to South Africa on skill, talent, and educational and cultural tours in the years 2014, 2015, and 2016. Seven of our players have been selected to the Kenya under 20 national 2017 team squad. Three of our players were scouted by a visiting South Africa coach who held a camp in November 2016 and was hosted at Parklands Sports Club. They await formal admission to schools in Durban, South Africa on 100% scholarships. Negotiations are ongoing with an education placement company to offer two scholarships annually to our players to study at selected universities outside Kenya.

To further develop the game EPS has approached 10 schools within greater Westland area and started work with 3 of them under its TUCHEZE RUGBY programme.

It is our hope that we shall have more players from PSC membership signing up to train with us as the year progresses.

Tennis Academy

Members and Non-members children are welcomed to attend coaching program which runs from Monday to Sunday.  This monthly program that covers 28 days is divided into 4 weeks that cater for beginners, intermediate, advance and elite categories; training involves different types of drills which are fun and exciting.  Our junior players usually participate in internal tournaments and other ranking tournaments organised by the Kenya Lawn Tennis Association. The tennis section also organizes fun events like the family fun day where children team up with their parents and compete against other teams. The academy is being managed by Head Coach Nobert Oduor who is a renowned Kenya number one tennis player who represented the county in countless Davis cup tournaments. He is deputised by Coach Duncan Njuguna who equally has good coaching credentials.

Normal training / hitting for senior players is from 7am -5pm and one can book  lessons through approved Club hitters


Normal training/ hitting for senior players is from 7.00am-9.00pm and one can book lessons through approved Club hitters.Junior Squash training programs conducted by the Club Coach Prince Mukuka Junior runs every week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4.45pm to 6.00pm.  Weekends   from 9.00am to 11.45am. The training involves Grip/proper handling of the racket (Technique), Eye hand condition, Foot work, Speed and agility, Ball work/ball control, mental strength, conditional games and match practice.  This program is opened to boys and girls of ages 6 to 18 years.


Our Club has got all weather, modern and temperature modulated swimming pool. For Members whose swimming is their leisure or career, then Parklands Sports Club will provide the facility for perfect practice.

Many people believe that the most common purpose for swimming is recreation. Recreational swimming is considered by many as a good way to relax, while enjoying a good full-body workout. Several swimming styles are suitable for recreational swimming; most recreational swimmers prefer a style that keeps their head out of the water and has an underwater arm recovery.Why punish your body with cold swimming during harsh cold weathers when you can enjoy a well temperature regulated swimming here at our swimming pool. After much day’s work and even other strenuous exercises in the Club e.g. gym and jogging, nothing comes close to the pleasure of diving and floating on a pool of water.

For the children who love swimming, our swimming experienced staff are always available to assist them in case of difficulties as they have fun in the water with their new found friends.All members’ spouses of their eligible dependents whose parents have paid the sports levy do not need to pay for swimming sessions. Only non-members are supposed to pay and the charges are listed below


  • Reciprocating Junior Members Ksh.50.00
  • Reciprocating Senior Members Ksh.100.00
  • Members’ Guest Senior Ksh.250.00
  • Members’ Guest Junior Ksh.75.00

Monthly Run

The Parklands Marathon Club owes its origins to 2004 when five Founder Members mooted the idea of Members running together once a month. Whilst the initial events were restricted to PSC Members only, the mini-marathons/ marathons subsequently became ‘open’ events where non-members participated alongside members, as part of the Club’s CSR.

The event – which is religiously held every First Sunday of the month – has become the most popular Club event, with an average participation of two hundred (200) runners, ranging from juniors to veterans.

Most notably, the monthly events have produced elite runners who continue to win marathons across the divide.

There can be no better way of taking care of your health and fitness and hence the PSC Marathoners Club’s motto of ‘RUNNING FOR OUR HEALTH AND FITNESS’. It is therefore time for you to connect with the event, every First Sunday of the month.