Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision, Mandate and Core Functions

Vision: To be a private family member’s social and sporting club of choice.

Mission: To develop and maintain the club facilities to the highest standards in order to provide consistent and quality social events, sporting, recreational and hospitality services to its members and their guest.

Mandate: The goal of the Club is to provide consistent high quality service to its members and in-order to realize this, the Club will:

  • Promote and encourage sports and games on the Club premises and in Kenya;
  • Provide and maintain catering, residential, recreational and hospitality services;
  • Construct and maintain such facilities as may be required from time to time; and
  • Perform and support such other initiatives as the members may decide.

Values: The Club will be guided by the following core values, which are:

  • Integrity – maintain family values, act with honesty, fairness and treat all staff, members and guests with respect and within the law;
  • Innovation – be original and flexible in creating value and growth; and
  • Excellence – continuously improve and provide exceptional attention to needs of members.

Core Functions

The core functions of the Club are:

  • Sporting and recreation;
  • Catering, hospitality and residential;
  • Developing and maintaining projects and infrastructure and;
  • Participating in corporate social investment.