Joining The Club

One needs to get two full members of the club who will propose and second you through a prescribed form available from the club. The form to be accompanied with a detailed CV, Passport/National Identity Card and copies of Professional academic Certificates of the prospective member.

The Balloting Committee then evaluates all the applications submitted and admissions will only be awarded to those applicants who meet the Club entry requirements. The number of new members to be admitted depends on the vacancies available and it’s on first come first admitted basis.

Members children upon attaining the age of 21 are supposed to take up junior membership which runs up to the age of 25. Upon attaining the age of 25, the junior member is eligible to graduate to a full member.

Payments are as follows:

  • Full member Entrance fee: Kshs 775,000
  • Junior Member Entrance fee: Kshs 13,650
  • Conversion from Junior to Full Member: Kshs 120,750