The Main Committee is responsible for efficient running of the operations of the Club and undertakes these functions through policy formulation which are then implemented by management with the guidance of the various sub committees as follows;

Executive Sub Committee

The Executive Sub Committee is the advisory arm of the Main committee. It gives guidance on major policy decisions. It equally arbitrates where there is an inter-committee conflict and create inter- committee harmony. It conducts induction of new committee members.

Finance, Planning and Procurement Subcommittee

The Finance, planning and Procurement subcommittee formulates financial policies of the club. It oversees the overall financial performance of the Club, prepares , reviews and controls Club budgets. It also oversees the procurement, tendering and disposal function of the entire club.

Projects and Maintenance Subcommittee

Projects and Maintenance Sub Committee coordinates all club’s projects and oversees the maintenance of all facilities within the club.

Accommodation, Hospitality and Communication Subcommittee

The Accommodation, Hospitality and communication subcommittee oversees the proper function of the following key amenities and areas within the club, the residential section, sauna/steam/massage, respective changing rooms, staff village, housekeeping function (cleaning), resource center and hospitality.

Catering, Functions and Marketing Subcommittee

The Catering, Functions and Marketing subcommittee is responsible for overseeing the operation of the following key areas within the club, The restaurant, bars, food production, functions, outside catering and club’s entertainment.

Sports and Fitness Subcommittee

The core function of the sports and fitness subcommittee is organizing and overseeing all sporting activities in the club, promotion of sporting facilities, sports sponsorship , development and maintenance of sporting facilities

Audit and Governance Subcommittee

Audit and Governance subcommittee oversees the implementation of operation and financial systems in the club. It also advises the management, the sub committees and main committee on areas of weakness that require their inputs and actions. It is a subcommittee of the main committee and reports its activities to the main committee and recommendations presented to the main committee for action

Youth Sub Committee

The Youth Sub Committee is responsible for identifying the needs of the youth within the clubs. It also champions the youth welfare and organizes youth functions.

Corporate Social Responsibility Subcommittee

The Corporate Social investment subcommittee identifies areas of club’s participation in corporate social responsibility. It coordinates and oversees fundraising for worthy causes and dispatches the funds, donations and material to various beneficiaries.

Staff, Members, Legal and Security Subcommittee

The Staff, Members, Legal and Security subcommittee formulates policies on staff and members, human resource management and welfare. It also recommends admission of new members to the Main Committee, handles membership matters e.g. members discipline, patronage issues and member’s security. It’s also advices the club on legal matters, contracts and license agreement of outsourced service providers. It also guides the club in all insurance related matters. It’s the custodian of code of conduct and bylaws.