The Club has always identified with the less fortunate members of the society besides harmonious and mutual co-existence with the neighbours.

The CSR activities dates back to 1998 when this noble idea was first mooted by way of Charity golf tournament where members raised funds and placed in a special kitty. The Main objective of the initiative was for the Club and its members to identify with the needy people of Kenya by way of donations from this charity kitty.

This objective has been adequately achieved over the last 18 years as the assisted homes and institutions have been growing each year with over 55 homes (spread across the 47 counties) so far benefitted. This is in form of but not limited to:

  • Buying food stuff
  • Supply of water tanks
  • Building fences
  • Buying beddings and other accommodation needs.
  • Supporting building projects.

Further to that, from the same kitty, the Club has managed to educate 10 needy children from form one to form four, four of them are currently in the university.

Besides the corporates, the Club remains very grateful to the members and more so the ever-supporting golfers as they are the prime sponsors of this worthy cause and their participation is a manifestation that Kenyans have a big heart.

The CSR function is driven by a committee of committed members of the Club who dedicates their time to source for sponsors at the same time put in own resources.

Over the period however, this stream of fundraising is becoming thin thus the need to re-strategize. The joy and the comfort that accrues through helping less fortunate is enormous that the Club is not stopping anytime soon.