To develop and maintain the Club facilities to the highest standards in order to provide consistent and quality social events, sporting, recreational and hospitality services to its members and their guests


To be a private family members’ social and sporting Club of choice.


i) To uphold family values

• By being role models to our children through good behavior.

• Promotion of togetherness in the family unit.

• Creating activities for all age groups in the family thereby enhancing bonding.

ii) To uphold good morals

• By discouraging anti-social behaviors like drug abuse, improper mode of dress, use of abusive language etc

iii) To encourage interpersonal relations

• Create an atmosphere where every member and staff regardless of race, religion etc feels welcome and appreciated.

iv) To respect other members and their guests

• To be civil in our approach when dealing with other members and their guests

• To treat others as we would wish to be treated.

v) To respect and appreciate our staff

• We should be humane when dealing with members of staff and any complaints against them handled as governed by the provisions of the constitution and by laws.

vi) To respect the rule of law

• Ensure adherence to all laws provided by the Constitution and those enacted by Parliament.

vii) To respect and uphold the Club’s constitution and by laws

• Having in place sanctions to discourage members from violating these.

viii) To promote fair play, meritocracy and professionalism at all times

• Developing a good Performance Management System.

• An effective feedback system that acknowledges one’s performance through merit awards.

ix) To operate to the highest level of probity, accountability and transparency

• By putting in place systems that ensure good financial management, procurement systems and transparency in all dealings that the Club is involved in.

Milestones and Achievements

The following are some of the milestones since the inception of the Club:

1. Acquisition of the land in 1906.

2. Building of the Clubhouse in the 1930’s.

3. Construction of accommodation facilities in 1992.

4. Construction and equipping of health and fitness facilities.

5. Construction of various sports facilities.

6. Construction of a perimeter wall in 1998.

7. Construction of a car park in 2003.

8. Installation of a pop-up irrigation system in 2004.

9. Provision of supplementary services like a salon, car wash services and business center among others.

10. Beautification of adjacent Ojijo Road in 2005.

Celebration of 100 years in 2006.


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