The Mandate of the Club is to:

1. Provide Sports and Games Facilities on the Club Premises for Members;

2. Promote, encourage and participate in competitive Sports and Games on the Club Premises, within the country and internationally;

3. Encourage and Promote Good Health through Nutritional Awareness and Physical Fitness to Club Members;

4. Provide, Encourage and Support, Recreational Activities and Social Facilities for Members within and Outside the Club Premises;

5. Develop, Renovate and Maintain the Club House Together with Sporting and Other Facilities for the Use of its Members;

6. Provide Residential Facilities for Members, Members’ Guests and Visiting Reciprocating Members for Various Clubs;

7. Such Other Objects as the Members at a General Meeting Approve, Provided that Such Objects Shall not be Inconsistent with the Club Constitution;

8. By discouraging anti-social behavior, like drug abuse, improper mode of dress, use of abusive language etc.


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Parklands Sports Club Community